Graphically build genomic workflows.

Share process and results


GENIOWork is Geniomic’s solution for genomic workflow automation:

Advanced graphic tools for flexible workflow composition

Design and implement your workflow with an intuitive graphic tool.

Distributed computing-supported workflow execution

Execute your workflow on parallel multithreading – multi-process architectures from GUI or command line automation.

Reproducible results by sharing workflows in a standard format

Share your workflows for cooperative and reproducible results across any file in your archive by extending GENIOServer’s capabilities.

GENIOWork: your distributed genomic analysis network!



Do more. Design and perform analysis from any PC, anywhere, anytime.

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  • Graphical workflow creation.
  • Embeds required tools and files in a controlled environment.
  • Distributed execution for faster analysis.
  • Extends GENIOServer capability to workflows design and execution.


Main features

  • Save and share workflows in standard CWL format.
  • Support workflow execution on distributed server clusters.
  • Allows command line input.
  • Different level of collaborative workflow lifecycle:
    • Development: collaborative workflow design.
    • Re-editing: workflow cloning and versioning.
    • Execution: workflow verification.
  • Guaranteed reproducibility of workflow over time.