Reduce the size of any genomic file archive


GENIOSave is Geniomic’s solution for high-efficiency genomic data management and storage:

Lossless compression reducing FASTQ.gz files by 30% and sorted BAM files by 50%, on average (see our benchmark)

A versatile genomic data compression toolkit especially suited to tabular formats such as FASTQ, FASTQ.gz, SAM, BAM and other file formats as well.

Direct access to your target genomic data by real-time decompression

Direct use of compressed files via pipe-enabled applications. No need for further format conversion. A single file format for many applications dramatically reduces your storage needs.

Enhanced algorithm allowing selective access to compressed genomic data

Whatever the origin of your file, embedded indexing guarantees selective access to chromosome regions.

GENIOSave: reduce your genomic costs!



Save storage. Turn long genomic handling cycle into a two step cycle.

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  • The GENIOSave technology compresses tabular data formats optimised for genomic files.
  • The compressed files are organised according to addressable genomic regions.
  • The decoder can selectively decode genomic regions thanks to an embedded index.
  • The encoder automatically recognizes the input file format producing the compressed file.
  • The compressed file losselessly retains all the of the information in the original file, including the optional fields.
  • Improved encoding using a reference genome.
  • The decoder produces the user-specified file format.


Main features

  • Multiple format compression: different genomic file formats can be reversibly compressed to a single GENIOSave file.
  • Piping: possibility not to store genomic files used in downstream analysis.
  • Accelerated decoding: decoding restricted to user-selected fields, e.g., sequence_ID, quality values, etc.
  • Embedded sorting: GENIOSave file records can be ordered by position during encoding.
  • Embedded access index: a GENIOSave file includes an index for selective access.
  • User-selectable compressed block size: selectable size of a compressed block of reads.
  • Compression without reference genome: if the MD field is present, reference genome is not required.
  • Selective access: user can select a target genomic region. GENIOSave decodes only the requested compressed data.