Leonardo Chiariglione

MS in Electronic Engineering from Polytechnic of Turin and PhD in Electrical Communications from University of Tokyo has conceived, established and led for 33 years the MPEG standards group developing such global standards as digital television, MP3, internet-based video distribution and the MPEG-G genomic data compression standard.

Leonardo is President of CEDEO, a Turin-based company offering the innovative WimTV video distribution service and is co-founder of GENIOMIC.


Mauro Moioli

MS in Electronic Engineering from Polytechnic of Milan, in 1998 is part of a team of engineers in charge of the development of an HDSL modem in the Alcatel laboratories. After a two-year experience in the design of optical transmission systems in Cisco Photonics, in 2002 began the study of the first ADSL modem produced by “Pirelli Broadband Solution” where over the years participate in the development of many Access Gateways for several major TELCOs. In 2010 found GEMINO, a company already recognized by the European Institute of Technology that born to apply network and cloud technologies for the implementation of IoT solutions, develop and distribute AGSuite Platform.

Mauro is today the administrator of GEMINO and co-founder of GENIOMIC.