Securely share and stream genomic files on the web


GENIOServer is Geniomic’s solution for shared server based genomic data:

Governed genomic data access between users

A complete suite handling genomic data access rights across local and remote users.

High security level guaranteed by user-based dynamic encryption

Each asset is protected by an access key that can be decrypted only by the credentials of users with proper access rights.

Enables remote use of GENIOSave functions

Each user can access the assets from remote and use GENIOSave with the same experience of local users.

GENIOServer: your distributed genomic access network!



Work better. Turn your local office into a distributed office.

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  • The GENIOServer manages genomic files in a distributed environment.
  • Both on-cloud or on-premise installations are supported.
  • Each user owns a private storage area.
  • File owners can flexibly assign sharing rules.
  • File access rules enforced by user-based dynamic encryption.
  • Transparent management of GENIOSave compressed files.


Main features

  • GENIOServer allows three main types of users:
    • Administrators who assign resources and manage access to the server;
    • File owners who have the capability to administrate their files;
    • Regular users who manage files according to assigned rights;
  • File owners have the capability to grant a range of rights to access their files to other users.
  • Public sharing of a file supported.
  • Extensive monitoring of file usage and accesses.
  • Both compression and upload, and batch upload and compression of genomic files supported.