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Reduce your genomic costs!

Reduce the size of
any genomic file

Securely share and
stream genomic files
on the web


Your distributed genomic access network!


Your distributed genomic analysis network!

Graphically build
genomic workflows.

Share process and results




Consulting is in our DNA
Knowledge is our portfolio

We can reduce the time-consuming parts of your project with our technologies, solutions and expert consultation, optimizing the entire genomic handling cycle, from efficient genomic file storage to secure file management.

A broad range of genomic technology know-how at your service, including the mpeg-g standard.

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About us

A tightly-knit team of
constantly growing people

GENIOMIC is an innovative company with locations in Milan and Turin, focused on compression, processing and streaming technologies. GENIOMIC is built on more than four years of research and development funded by the founders (see the founders’ achievements).

We combine our expertise in genomics, computer science and telecommunication to offer technologies and solutions to efficiently process genomic information.



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